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 What is WarriorsFest?

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PostSubject: What is WarriorsFest?   Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:14 am

WarriorsFest is like a festival but for Treetop Whispers! It occurs every three months for five days:
Dates of WarriorsFest
July: 15-19
October: 15-19
January: 15-19

WarriorsFest Staff

The reason for this celebration is to make the forum more lively, and to have fun and win awesome prizes! Speaking of prizes, there are multiple ways you can win them! There will be many games, contests and awesome ways you can earn them. Here are a list of games/contests that will occur during the festival:

~Fan-Fic/Art Contest: If you have a Fan-Fic or some Art you'd like to enter, enter them on the 15th. There will be three rounds where you, the members (including the Staff) will vote for which they think is the best. Round 1 is where all the entries are entered and are shown on the 16th. Round 2 is where the top 8 (varies depending on the entries) entries go which is on the 17th. The final round will occur on 18th which is where the top 5 (varies depending on the entries) go and compete to be the top 3 which then prizes will be handed out on the 19th for those top 3 winners. Note: Short Stories/Poems will also be accepted. Now, as of October 2012 we have added a new category. Previously this was only for Warriors related stories/art, but to make this festival less fandom specific and to encourage more members to enter we have added a category for stories/art that can be about anything. To post your stories about Warriors, simply go the the Fan-Fic Entries category, click on Entries, and post there. To post something non-Warriors related, go to the Fan-Fic Entries category, click on Other Fan Stories, click Entries, and post there. To post your art about Warriors, go to the Fan-Art Entries category, click Entries, and post there. To post something non-Warriors related, go to the Fan-Art Entries category, click on Other Fan-Art, click on Entries, and post there.

One person
1st: 600PP/50% Coupon
2nd: 500PP/25% Coupon
3rd: 400PP/10% Coupon

Two people (prize per person if you plan to work on a Fan-Fic/Art with another member)
1st: 300PP
2nd: 200PP
3rd: 100PP

~QuickDraw: Buy a Ticket for 5PP on the 15th and/or 16th and it will go in a drawing and you could get a chance to win different prizes. The winners will be announced on the 17th. (You may buy more than 1 ticket)

---PP prizes (ranging from 50-500)
---Discount coupons (ranging from 25-90% off)
---Prizes from the PP shop (including 'Join a second Clan', 'Create a Group', and many others)
---Gold and/or Silver Memberships
---And one major, secret prize

~Chat: On the 18th, come to the chatbox and chat for a while. If you stay for a certain amount of time, you could earn something.

~Roleplay: On the 19th, just roleplay with all your clan mates and whoever we (the staff) see roleplaying, will earn some PP!

~Riddles: There will be a riddle, which will be made up entirely so you can't look it up Online and whoever gets the answer right, will win a special prize! (Occurs any day and is ONLY up for that day, so keep an eye out for it)

~Guess The Cat: A little quiz will be given, and if you are a true Warriors Fan, you can easily get the answer and win a special prize! (Occurs any day only for that day, so keep an eye for it)

~Who Said That Quote: On the 19th, there will be a quote posted and you, the members will have to guess what cat said it!

I hope you like all the games/contests and prepare for when the day(s) come! See you there! Wink


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What is WarriorsFest?
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