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 RiverClan: The Riverside

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Clan: ThunderClan
PostSubject: RiverClan: The Riverside    Mon Apr 16, 2012 9:45 pm

Here you can explore or patrol your territory, just don't cross into enemy territory!


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StarClan Cat
StarClan Cat

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PostSubject: Re: RiverClan: The Riverside    Fri Apr 05, 2013 5:38 am

Dawn. The sun was barely visible behind the hills, but the skies were coloured orange, yellow and slightly pink. Streamwhisper waited until the dawn patrol would be announced. It had been raining for days, but it looked like it would be a warm and sunny day. The whole Clan had been worried if the rain would make the water in the river rise and flood the banks. They had been worried about the camp, being so close to the wild river. But it was alright. The water had stayed back.

Streamwhisper washed her paw. She had not been sleeping much and decided it was best to just enjoy the sunrise. There had been talk about a fight coming. A fight with ThunderClan. She did not like it a bit. Why fight over some dumb rocks anyway? There would be injuries. She did not like the thought. But if her leader said she had to fight, then she would do it.
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RiverClan: The Riverside
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