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 Darkness's Forever Black Heart

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PostSubject: Darkness's Forever Black Heart   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:14 am

I Made this on another site, so i have decided to show you guys too!!
Chapter :1
I walked along the cool grass, my past is very shattered like and blurry but i dont really remember much with a exception to....the death of my entire family right before my very eyes but that didnt really matter much really. I glanced up at the moon, a group of cats that i saw in my dream said 'the darkness its self shall never recieve light until its sunrise'. I glanced around the forested area i was in, i was appearntly near a lake walking by some of the brown fuzzy plants sticking out of the water cooly.My ears pricked up when i smelled a few another cats scent.

"Hold up! I smell a loner is nearby"A presumably toms voice called comamandingly
"Streamclaw are you sure?" a feminine's voice asked the tom known as 'streamclaw'
"Yes i am sure fernwillow" Steamclaw replied
"Okay then streamclaw" another toms voice replied with a bored tonr
"Whatever....anyways the scent is really strong here we should keep a look put for the loner"
"I think Sparkstar would be very interested to know this"Fernwillow replied
"Okay we should return back to camp now" streamclaw meowed to his group

I checked the area to make sure that they were completly gone before i wriggled out of my spot 'hmm who were they? i thought to myself as i continued on my travelling, so far i havent heard back from shade.i was about to think something when a voice replied to me

"They seem to have a interesting scent that seens familiar to you dont they darkness?"

'They do i guess.....Shade im afriad to go to sleep'

"Why afraid are you scared to see me?"

'What!no im just worried that ill wake you up thats all'
as i was startin to curl up in a bush.

"Well just close your eyes then!!" i heard his raise his voice at me, i sighed as i closed my eyes.........

Chapter :2
I opened my eyes and glamced around the dark area i was currently in it seemed more like home to me right now because you see i am a cat but also i have a occupant in my mind so he tells me stuff that housefolk have.

"Hey darkness i was looking around and i noticed this area is boring compared to the rooms i saw in your memories i was thinking that yo-"

"shade dont go into my memories please well with a exception to when we first met.."

i glanced around still shocked that my family died, but i was a black cat with icy blue eyes and i noticed seemed a bit unnatural, I padded over to go see what it was, It was some sotra black goo that didnt move well at least i thought it didnt.

As soon as my back was turned the black goo touched my hind paw and it began attaching its self to me ,sinking into my fur. Until i fell down onto the ground, collapsing from the massive strength i lost. Although i gasphed for breath when i awokened and glanced around the dark unfamiliar area before i could ask to know one specific about where i was a strange dark voice called out


"umm hello who are you and where?" i asked glancing around seeing nothing but darkness

"Hmm good question i dont really have a name right now"

"You dont?" i asked in surprise " well my name is Darkness"

"Darkness.....that name suites you...."

"maybe i can think you up a name how about shade?"

"hmmm shade.... I like it"

just as that was said a cat that looked excatly like me with a exception to the eyes he had blazing violet eyes..

I looked at shade while he looked bored out of his mind.

"Okay shade ill give you a couch but thats it"
'Fair enough and you should wake up before those cats return'

i nodded before opening a door with my paws. I at first didnt remember where i was until i stood up back onto my paws and glanced around the forest floor i was about to leave my spot when a group of cats came up to me

"Who are you and What are you doing on Shadowclan territory!" a familiar voice barked commandingly at me
"i-i" i studdered shakely but before i could do anything i heard shade talk to me
'I am sorry Darkness but you are not handling this very well let me deal with this'
Alright shade just dont go overboard with it

Chapter :3
After i let darkness go into the subconscious, i glanced up at the group of cats who were looking at me.They were now abit shocked probley because they noticed the eye colour change.

"I am going to ask again who are you and why are you on shadowclan territory!!" he snarled at me.
How dare he does that!!He deserves to die for doing that!
'Shade!!Calm down remember last time you got angry!!!'I hear darkness's call to attempt to calm me down but i just blocked out his voice.

"I am Darkness the Shade now you may call me darkness if you answer my question who are you?!?"I replied tauntingly to the group who gave me a odd lookbecause of the name i randomly generated.

'Shade remind me to bring that name up for a discussion later on....'
Darkness i made that up so that it symbolizes both of us not just you!!! i nearly shouted back at shade in my mind.

"I am Streamclaw Shadowclans deputy, and you didnt answer my second question what are you doing on shadowclan territory!"
"My,My a little grouchy today arnt we?"

The only response from streamclaw was a growl
"Anyways i didnt relize this was a so called clans territory but i do wish to join the clan though" i meowed half interested, streamclaw just blinked before turning around
"Very well follow me"
Okay Darkness your up!
'What now!?!
Yes now!!
after that was said i was back in the subconscious

Chapter :4
I was actually glad that shade was able to take care MOST of the situation for me right now, now all i gotta do is worry about streamclaw. And every few minutes Streamclaw would occasionally glance at me to see if i was still following him.

Shade why does h- I was about to reply when shade cut me off
'Hes Suspicous thats all' He replied simply and my guess was that he just wanted to end our small conversation. I Sighed and i noticed Streamclaw stopped walking.

"We are here" He meowed to me, i glanced around and noticed five kits were chasing a butterfly, two old cats sitting on the top of a large den, and some adults watching the kits.
"Stay here i need to go see sparkstar for a second" i just nodded as my reply. As he left and padded over to another den.

'Darkness repeat what i say when you go see their leader okay? Because we dont want any screw ups?understand?'Shade asked.
Okay Shade i wasnt really paying attention until streamclaw called my, Our name....

And i padded over to him "yes?" i asked
"go inside" he replied withoutany sort of emotion i could detect.

I walked inside and saw a orange tabby cat with a few yellow markings look at me "Hello i am Sparkstar and you must be Darkness the Shade right?" the leader asked me and i nodded
'Yes i am now can i ask you something?' my guess is that shade is wantig me to repeat that he says now

"Yes i am, Now sparkstar can i ask you something?"
"Sure ask away"

After a long while that seemed like hours of askin and listening the answers i got. Sparkstar said that i was accepted into the clan and that he would hold the cerimony today! But shade wasnt really excited.

Whats wrong shade?
'Nothings wrong i am just thinking'
About what?
'Stuff now quit asking questions!its starting to annoy me'
Oh sorry

i sighe an glance up and noticed it was almost time for my welcoming cerimony.......

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PostSubject: Re: Darkness's Forever Black Heart   Sat Jun 30, 2012 1:25 am

I only read Chapter one, but I like it! I love how you wrote it in 1st person instead of 3rd. :3


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PostSubject: Re: Darkness's Forever Black Heart   Sat Jun 30, 2012 4:27 pm

it was.....EPIC!!! i loved it!
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness's Forever Black Heart   Sat Jun 30, 2012 5:41 pm

Okay i just added two more chapters i gotta add the rest later
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness's Forever Black Heart   

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Darkness's Forever Black Heart
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