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 Magpie's Graphics

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Missy Magpie

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PostSubject: Magpie's Graphics   Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:36 pm

Currently open for requesting.

So yeah, I make banners and graphics. ^^ Examples in spoiler....

-I'm a lot better at scenery and abstract things. . . . I can do cats and schmuff, but definitely no humans
-I take two requests at a time, requests must be approved.
-Don't use anything unless you have permission from whoever requested it.
-Please tell me before using it outside of this site, and credit me if you do.
-I can also do Pokemon fusions. Check Pixels Examples for examples of them.
-I can animate Pixels and even banners. Just ask! ^^
-I prefer to be completely original, so I don't have any CopyRight issues, but Warrior Cat images are fine to request, and I can find usable images if you ask. Wink

Prices are based on size. Size chart is here.
You can also order a custom size, but please give me the exact dimensions (pixel X pixel). :3

Big - 70 PP
Medium - 50 PP
Avatar - 50 PP
Small - 30 PP
Tiny - 10 PP
Custom - 60 PP
Pixels - 100 PP

I also do small pixels, linearts, etc. Pixels are never larger than the Avatar size (100 X 100 pixels). I'm still working on my pixel skills, so yeah.

Fill this out and post it. ^^ Be specific please!

[b]PM when finished?[/b]:


Large Examples:

Pixel Examples:
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Magpie's Graphics
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