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 Untitled, Unfinished

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Missy Magpie

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PostSubject: Untitled, Unfinished   Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:02 pm

I started a story.... Sorry for weird spacing, copied and pasted from Google Drive.


There was once a time, many years ago, when few had Magic ready at their
disposal, and those who did were almost considered to be of an Elite
species. There were many beings of course who have this power: there
were the dwarves, though they were interested only in gold and riches;
there were the Elves, though they were protective over the gift and
would not share it; there were the Dragons, though they did not know how
to use their Magic; there were the Sorcerers, though they knew not how
to teach; and lastly there were the beasts, whom you could not approach
and escape from unscathed. Thus the only way one could learn the ways of
this gift would be to go to and to learn from a faerie.

The men
at this time had no Magic, nor were they dominant of the world as they
are today. At the time of this story villages of men were few and far
between and even the largest of these towns were nothing to compare to
the villages of the goblins or of the Elves. The men had little homes
nestled all close together for heat and protection and whatever else the
closeness could provide. However this gave each house a very small
perimeter that was often lined up right as a border with another's yard.
Even then men were constantly squabbling over who owned which piece of
land, and there was rarely peace even in villages as small as these.
While all or most properties had originally been divided equally there
were always little bursts of arguments about how this was not equal, and
these arguments had led to compromises, compromises that now made these
territories unequal. And every year or so one of the men would grow
tired of this and leave, only to find that the same thing was happening
many miles away in the next village.

This story starts with a
traveller, but he was not a man as you might expect. No this traveller
was an Elf, and a most noble Elf he was. For this most noble Elf went by
the ever noble name of Alerio, and this was the name that meant "eagle"
and the name that was respected by all throughout any land, be it a
land of dwarves or beasts or men.

It would be unusual at any
point in time for an Elf to be wandering as Alerio was. For you see
Elves are a very proud and comfortable folk, unwilling to leave their
luxurious homes when travel only offers extreme hardship and often for
little or no reward. And of course it was most unusual for a noble such
as Alerio to be travelling, for Alerio was no one but the descendant of
the great Alaricus, the first leader of all the Elves and the sole being
who had the power to do whatever he wished whenever he wished. Though
Alaricus was no more, but Alerio was his great-great-grandson and
treated as a prince in the land of the Elves. So one would think that he
would have no need to travel.

But Alerio was still a very young
Elf and took all of his power for granted, and would easily cast it
aside without realising what he had done. And this is what the young Elf
did, slinging a servant's travelling bag over his shoulder and setting
off in the direction where the sun set. He did not particularly know or
care where he was heading towards; all the Elf knew was that he would
like to go off to someplace wonderful and earn jewels and riches of his
own instead of the hundreds of gold pieces that he had inherited. Though
Elves are not normally a greedy folk, Alerio had been living surrounded
by wealth for all of his life and had learned that it was the thing to
desire most in life. Also Alerio had a strong ambitious side and was
determined to prove that he was valuable not only as a prince but also
as a warrior.

So he set off on the first of November, following
the Maeandrus River as it twisted from the land of the Elves to the
forest below. The Elf Palace where Alerio had come was a grand place, in
fact it was the place where the very Throne of Alaricus still stood,
tall and jeweled as it had been so many hundreds of years before. The
building had many levels and was surrounded by a deep moat and a
drawbridge. Truly the only way to enter the Palace would be by
invitation from a noble who lived there, and even then the guest was
unlikely to be allowed inside.

It was here that Alerio left,
waking specially in the middle of the night when no other Elf could be
seen who was not asleep. He had shut himself into a room several days
ago and packed a servant's bag for his travels, pretending that he was
preparing a satchel for some messenger to carry off to a distant land.
And then once he was done he hid the bag in his room for safekeeping,
and took a day to decide for certain where he would go and when he would
depart. He chose the day well for someone with no experience
journeying: November 1st was also the day when the dwarves came to
barter with the Elves, and the drawbridge had been left down in the
excitement of trade. There were occasionally late-comers to the
gatherings who arrived only in the dead of night, but Alerio was lucky
and he saw none.

But perhaps Alerio had given too much thought to
avoid being seen and not enough to actually surviving the fierce
weather of autumn. Everyday the breezes were growing stronger and frost
had already begun to coat the windows and the ground each morning. The
Elves had settled in a land with such fierce winters as a way of defense
from the weaker species who had no Magic or fire to warm themselves
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Moderator Apprentice
Moderator Apprentice

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PostSubject: Re: Untitled, Unfinished   Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:01 am

~Go Google Drive!~

Awesome! It kinda reminds me of Artemis Fowl, but that's still good!


Creativity is a highfalutin' word for the work I have to do between now and Tuesday
-Ray Kroc

I wish to design something useable for all. Call me a visonary, and that's what I am. Call me a dreamer, and that's what I am. But, call me insane, and that's what you are.

One of the four Warriors of the Month July 2012 along with Tempest, Icetail, and Rubywing

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Missy Magpie

Gender : Female
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Clan: RiverClan
PostSubject: Re: Untitled, Unfinished   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:25 pm

*high paw for Google Drive!*

I haven't actually read Artemis Fowl so I wouldn't know. xD The idea is more from the Lord of the Rings.
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PostSubject: Re: Untitled, Unfinished   

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Untitled, Unfinished
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