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 Cub Adoption

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PostSubject: Cub Adoption   Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:00 pm

Polar Bears

Opal - She-cub. White with purple eyes.
Kala - She-cub. White with blue eyes.
Billi - Tom. White with black eyes.
Polo - Tom. White with amber eyes.

Grizzly Bears

Timber - Tom. Brown grizzly, with emerald green eyes.
Tilli - She-cub. Black grizzly, with sea blue eyes.
Bloom - She-cub. Brown grizzly, with purple eyes.
Harry - Tom. Black grizzly, with amber eyes.

Black Bears

Prejice - She-cub, with amber eyes.
Tiny - Tom with green eyes. Freakishly small.
Jolpweace - Tom with blue eyes.
Leap - She-cub with black eyes.

Yeah, I know... The names 'Prejice' and 'Jolpweace' are soooo wierd! I made them up on the spot.
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Cub Adoption
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