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 Anyone remember me?

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PostSubject: Anyone remember me?   Anyone remember me? EmptyWed Dec 24, 2014 8:17 am

Some of you may remember me as an enthusiastic warriors fan who left because she felt this forum was too inactive for her. And then decided to come back after an email campaign went out asking people to return, only to vanish once again. Well, that's me.
I've searched, and searched and searched, and they're simply isn't any other warriors forums aren't there. None that are thoroughly active anyway. In my search, I've often asked myself whenever or not to come back here, but always told myself no, that if they're still was a community here, they wouldn't want a constant drifter in their midst. But I couldn't deny all the good memories I have of this place, the genuine kindness of the people here. Now, I've decided that this place was worth another visit, and I intend to stay this time. Maybe I don't need a hyper-active forum with hundreds of discussions; maybe I just need a closely-knit community. So, does anyone recognize me? Is anyone still here? Am I welcome here?
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Anyone remember me?
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