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 Please Read The Rules

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PostSubject: Please Read The Rules   Please Read The Rules EmptyMon Apr 19, 2010 3:57 pm

Thanks for joining Treetop Whispers! Please read the rules before you start posting.

1. DO NOT Give out Personal Information It is very dangerous to give out personal information, such as full name, address, phone number, age, etc, over the internet and it is highly advised that you do not give away any of this information. If someone here asks you for any sort of personal information or you see a member giving out personal information, let the Admins/Moderators know and that member will be banned. This site is open to all, which means that we do not know what kind of person will join. We want you all to be safe.

2. No Cursing If you wouldn't say it around your parents, don't say it here. And don't think you can get around this by using abbreviations, it's no different from swearing and won't be tolerated.

3. Treat Others the Way You Would Like to be Treated Sadly, some people need to be reminded of this. It's different talking to people over the internet. You can't see each other while speaking and therefore things can be taken differently than what you may mean, so as a general rule just be kind.

4. Do Not Discriminate Discrimination will not be tolerated. If any member is making fun of others because of their gender/race/religion/sexual orientation they will be banned. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

5. Do Not Ask to be Made a Certain Rank I will ask trusted members if they would like to be made a certain rank. Asking will eliminate your chances of being chosen and is simply rude.

6. Post in the Right Place It's honestly not that hard to match the subject of your post with the subject of the forum. If it's about Warriors, post it in the correct Warriors section. If it's not about Warriors, don't post it in the Warriors section. We have an 'Other' section for a reason.

7. Use Proper Grammar Capitalization, periods, commas, complete sentences, etc. This is just common courtesy as it may be difficult for other members to understand your abbreviations. This rule does not apply as strongly in the Chat Box, just makes sure people can understand what you're typing.

8. Stay Active Members have been banned for being inactive. If you are inactive for a long time, you will be banned without question (on that note, make sure to tell an admin if you're going on a long vacation so you do not accidentally get banned).

9. Don't carry on Personal Conversations in a Post There is a Chat Box for a reason and if it's really personal simply PM each other.

10. No "Rolling" Conversations Do not stretch out conversations by making a hole post just to say "Yeah" or "I know, right?" or "Okay" or anything like that. Okay? (The minimum word limit is 5)

11. Advertising We do allow and encourage advertising here, whether it be of other Warriors sites or sites with completely different themes, but you must understand our frustration when people join just to advertise a site and than never return. So before posting an advertisement, we ask that you PM a Moderator/Admin (preferably Mosspelt or Stormheart) with a 'rough draft' of the post. If we see that you've been here for a while/we believe you will continue to be and active member than we will give it the okay and you will be free to post. If not than my apologies but you will not be allowed to post it. If you do post an add without our consent, or you post an add after you have been declined, then the advertisement will be deleted and you will be banned for a week.

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Please Read The Rules
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